How does your food make you feel?

By Sarah ParnasFor most of the world, there’s a lot more food on the table than ever before.

Yet, as the world faces the possibility of a new pandemic, the world is facing a new generation of hungry, discontented, and often frustrated individuals who feel left out of the global food system.

For the average American, the prospect of having to spend a week cooking for dinner on a weekday evening is nothing short of daunting.

And yet, as food production is becoming increasingly automated, it has been growing increasingly affordable and available to a wider audience, even if they may be unaware of it.

In this episode of The Food Network’s Food Made Me, we’ll explore the ways that technology is changing the way we eat, as well as the ways we create and eat our food.

We’ll explore how our diets have evolved as the technology has progressed, and how we might be able to take advantage of the opportunity to cook with less stress and hunger.

We also talk to food entrepreneurs, who will tell us how they’ve made food their passion.

This week’s episode features guest host and co-founder of The Kitchen Project, Stephanie Binder, and author of the upcoming book, Making Things: The Food Industry, Technology, and the Future of Food.

This episode is produced by the Food Network, a division of Time Warner.