How a ‘Made By’ app created by Lindsay Lohan got her baby girl pregnant

Make Baby Stuff creator Lindsay Lohs, a mom-to-be who started her own app and made some babies, has now launched a second app.

The app, Made By, lets moms and dads create a baby using a variety of materials, from yarn to jewelry to fabrics.

The Loh’s app also features a camera that can snap selfies of moms and babies.

It’s a refreshing change for the mom-and-baby community.

While Loh has been vocal about her love for making baby products, she hasn’t yet created a new product for the brand, she told ABC News.

“We haven’t gotten started with anything,” Loh said.

“It’s something we’re excited about, but we haven’t got any specific plans right now.”

It seems like the Loh family is finally getting the attention they deserve.

Loh has also been getting positive feedback for the app.

“I love that people think it’s a lot more than just knitting and making yarn,” Lohan told ABC.

The Loh app will allow parents to customize their baby with their own baby clothing and accessories.

“There are so many amazing things to be able to make with this,” Loth said.

For now, the Loths are only releasing a few baby clothes to test out and they plan to release more products in the future.

This is the Lohan Loh brand at its most playful, but she is just as confident in the possibilities her app can offer moms.