How to make awesome Lego stuff: The Best Sculptor in the World

Posted by Scott, October 21st, 2016 12:38:10Hi there, I’m Scott, and I’m a Sculpting and Lego Designer in Melbourne.

I’ve been making and selling Sculpted Lego stuff for the last 12 years.

I started off making a hobby of making stuff Lego, then it was more into selling things to people.

I then got into making Lego toys and Lego games.

I am currently the Vice President of the Australian Sculptors Association.

I have worked for the Australian Lego Group, and for the International Sculpture Council.

I work with many different companies in Australia, but I’m mainly a toy manufacturer.

I love making toys.

I also love to make Lego.

It’s my passion, I really enjoy it, I just enjoy making things.

I’m also a huge fan of Star Wars and I love the characters.

I love making things, and Lego.

I think you’ll love making stuff, too.

It’s an amazing hobby to have.

I’m sure I’ll be making some of the most awesome Lego creations ever!