How much does a burger maker stuffers cost?

Burger maker Heinz has revealed the price of its new “stuffers” which come in two different sizes, but also in three different flavours.

The new product has been announced on the Heinz website but the company did not say how much it will cost or where the price will come from.

The product is available at select stores in Australia, but will be available globally.

The company said it wanted to make it as accessible as possible.

“This new offering is a new, low-cost way to pack a burger, so customers can try them for themselves and decide whether they are worth the extra cost,” the company said.

“We’ve always made our food with the freshest ingredients available to us and now our burgers have a much lower price tag too.”

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Hofmann Foods is selling Heinz’s “stuffer” burger at its Perth and Hobart stores, while other stores in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia have also announced the new product.

The burger is made with wheat flour and a combination of cheese, beef and chicken.

Hofermann Foods’ spokesman, Matt Jones, said the company was excited to offer this product.

“Our customers will be able to try these new products on their own, at home, and will have the option to add more if they wish,” he said.

The burgers come in three sizes: a medium-sized burger, a medium, and a large.

The medium burger is priced at $22.80 and will be sold at select locations across the country.

Hoffmann Foods has also released a promotional video for the new foodstuff, which shows a hamburger made with cheese and beef, topped with lettuce, tomato and a pickle.

The clip has been viewed more than 30,000 times and has been shared more than 1,000,000 time on social media.HOFMANN Foods is currently selling Heinis hamburger.

The video is available on YouTube and Heinz is planning to release more content.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics said in its latest Australian Bureau on Aging report, people aged 60 and over spent $1.9 billion on food in 2017-18.

“The latest research shows that Australians have a higher average cost for their food and this will continue to grow over time,” the BAA said.