Fox Sports’ Gretchen Carlson makes her own channel

Gretchen Carlson is making her own YouTube channel, “Gretchen Carlson Live!”

She’s got the show already in the works, she says.

She has the same producers on it.

“There’s no one else on it,” she says, adding that her show is about “how to be a good person.”

It’s a smart move, Carlson says, because she can bring the kind of personality and attention to the show she’s known for.

Carlson’s been an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump since the first episode aired in late May.

She said Trump was wrong to say she is the first woman to host a reality show.

Carlson has repeatedly defended herself on social media.

In early June, she said Trump has a “fiery temper,” and she believes he is a racist.

But she has also defended Trump on Twitter, saying she is not racist.

She says she’s been a supporter of Trump for years and says he’s done nothing wrong.

Carlson says she doesn’t want to be seen as a hypocrite, but she says she was being sarcastic when she said she would be the first to take over the show.

She plans to start her own social media platform in January.

Carlson also has a Facebook page, and she has been making a point to post her videos on it, but Carlson says it’s not a formal platform.

She’s working on a YouTube series on her podcast “The Gretchen Report” that will be a regular feature on the show, which airs on Fox Sports 1 and ESPN.

Carlson was nominated for a Peabody Award in June for her work on “The Drudge Report,” which she co-founded in 2008.

The show has become one of the most-watched and most-followed news sources on YouTube, averaging more than one million views a day.

But her show has also been criticized for being too aggressive, particularly on social issues.

Carlson said that some viewers complained that the show was too political, but that she felt it was important to make it as factual as possible.

Carlson plans to take the time to listen to and reflect on the criticisms she’s received, she told The Associated Press.

“It’s been very stressful.

I think it’s been one of my favorite parts of my life, but I also know it’s just going to get worse,” she said.

“The show is not going to be the same.

There will be things that I will say or say that I feel are incorrect.

That’s fine.

But it’s going to happen.

And I am not going anywhere.

I will not stop.”