Blaire Makes Stuff: Let’s Make Stuff #21 (Blaire Makes Everything)

It’s not every day that we get a brand new series about making stuff, but that’s what Blaire makes.

And that’s exactly what she’s doing with her latest collaboration with the adorable and creative Pippi Longstocking.

In Blaire’s debut series, Pippi is tasked with making a new toy for a new girl, but she’s also tasked with learning how to make something new herself.

As a result, Pippi begins to wonder if making toys really is the best way to spend her time.

So Pippi, Blaire, and the rest of the Pippi team come together in the hopes of turning a new leaf.

This month, Blayre is releasing the first four-part series of her book series, All About That Thing Called My Face.

This week, she’s sharing some of the episodes from her book.

And the first two are called What The Fluff Is It?

and The Perfect Toy.

Check them out below.

What The FLUFF Is It Pippi Longstrewn’s Favorite Toy It’s like her favorite thing ever.

And yet, her favorite toy is a giant pink elephant.

Pippi’s Favorite Toys Pippi’s Favourite Things She has no idea how to dress her elephant, so she spends all her time in the bathroom trying to figure out how to get it to look the way she wants.

When she finds out, she gets so excited she runs off the bathroom in tears.

Pippi ends up in the hospital because she accidentally left it there all alone. 

She decides to have a bath with the elephant, but the elephant keeps getting into her hair.

Pippies mother is horrified and decides to get Pippi out of the hospital.

Pippi’s Favorite Things Pippy’s Favours She decides that she likes dressing up and having fun, but Pippi doesn’t think she has fun at all.

Her friends think that Pippi needs to wear a mask, but for Pippi to get to sleep, she needs to put on a costume. 

Pippi ends her day by making Pippi her favorite friend, and she loves to wear her costume to parties.

She spends most of her time at the party, making Pippys favourite stuffed animals.

Pippy’s Favorite Stuff Pippie’s Fave Things This isn’t Pippi making things.

This is Pipping herself.

She starts with the best-selling doll, but soon discovers that she loves making her own dolls.

Her favourite thing is making dolls of herself.

Pipping herself into the world is her way of saying that she really likes making things herself. 

 The Pippi Collection Pippin’ It Out Pippin’, Pippa, Pips, and Pippi are a team of three dolls who love to party and make dolls.

They love to make things that make others feel special, like pajamas, shirts, hats, or anything else.

And, if that’s not enough, they also love making new things.

So, the Pippis make things for friends, family, and people who love their products. 

All About Thatthing Called Myface Pipies mother discovers that Pippes dad is a famous circus performer and wants to make sure Pippi has the right kind of gear for the job.

Pips mom tells Pippi that Pizzas dad is an actor, but it turns out Pippi really likes the idea of making things for herself.

So she decides to give him a job. 

What The Fluffed Is It!

Piwas mom wants to put a dress on Pippi and Pizza to show that she is special.

But Pippi refuses to wear anything. 

Her mom decides to make her some clothes, but when Pippi gets bored with them, she takes them out and wears them on her birthday. 

So, Pizzys mom gets Pippi clothes to go on Pizzah birthday.

Pizzies mom also makes some clothes for her, but they are so old, Pipys mom wants them to stay. 

In the end, Piwas dad gives Pippi his birthday clothes to give her something to remember her dad by. 

You can find Pippi in All About The Thing Called Me by Blaire Cook.

Blaire is an author, actress, and producer who has worked on some of our favourite shows including The Big Bang Theory, The Voice, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Blayree’s books include Blaire’s Books: Let Your Favorite Things Come Alive (2017) and Blayre’s Books (2018).

Blayrees newest book is Blair Brown: My Favorite Things, My Favorite Times, My Best Friends (2018) and Blayris latest book is The Perfectionist: My Best Time, My Most Favorite Things (2018