Which of the two Israeli men arrested in the Gaza Strip’s Khan Younis camp?

An Israeli soldier who went missing in Gaza’s Khan Itts refugee camp in December 2016 and was later killed in the conflict was killed in a confrontation with another soldier, Israel’s Channel 10 reported Sunday.

In the early hours of December 12, Israeli soldier Yishai Eshkol, 35, was killed by an unknown assailant.

Eshtukh was the first Israeli soldier to be killed in Gaza since Operation Cast Lead ended in mid-2014.

Israeli officials said that Eshbalko, a former IDF soldier, had been captured and killed by militants.

The IDF has not publicly released the circumstances surrounding the death.

Israel has since closed its borders with the Gaza strip.

The closure has been accompanied by restrictions on movement, as well as restrictions on the movement of Palestinians.

In 2016, Eshakol was one of six soldiers who were captured by Hamas militants in Gaza during Operation Cast Light.

Hamas has denied the soldiers’ capture and has since claimed responsibility for Eshbayli’s death.

In November, the IDF launched Operation Protective Edge, which began in March 2018 and involved nearly 6,000 soldiers.

The offensive ended with the destruction of hundreds of Hamas tunnels in the Strip.