When I’m not making stuff, I’m making stuff with my husband, says mum

Made fun of by her kids, Brooke’s mom says her daughter is one of the few young women who can actually make stuff.

Brooke, 21, has made a few toys, including the Lego version of a robot.

Brooke made the Lego robot in two hours, with her dad helping her on the build.

She says she is not trying to impress anyone with her skills, but just making stuff that she loves.

“I love making stuff.

I love doing it for fun.

That’s my job,” Brooke said.

“It’s not about selling or getting attention.

It’s just to make stuff and it’s something that I love.”

Broke says she loves her job as a maker.

But she says making things for her husband has changed her life.

In fact, she said, it’s made her more creative.

We’re very good at making stuff and we’re really good at sharing it with the world, Brooke said, adding that she feels a sense of responsibility.

It’s just something that we enjoy doing, Brooke told ABC News.

I feel like my work is something that’s meaningful to me, Brooke added.

There’s a sense in my life that I’m working towards something bigger than myself and that I need to be proud of it, Brooke explained.

People will say I’m selfish, but I actually think about what I’m doing for my children.

My children will go to school with me and they’ll be able to be their best selves, Brooke suggested.

They will have a sense that it’s their job, and it makes them proud to be a part of it.

If it helps me to make more toys, that’s what I would do.

Make it happen, Brooke thought.

For Brooke, her job has made her a better maker, and she has the confidence to do anything she wants.

This is what I love most, Brooke exclaimed.

When I’m happy, I make something that is important to me.

The next thing you know I’m home making, she added.